Sprint Booster

Sprint Booster Acceleration Improvement Module

Sprint Booster V3 – Acceleration Module

Sprint Booster is an Acceleration Module unit that changes the way your pedal interacts with your car’s acceleration mode – specifically your cars computer, ECM (Electronic Control Module).  The Sprint Booster does this by overriding the signal to your cars electronic throttle to make it faster which in turn makes your car respond and accelerate faster. This means no more “pedal lag” and you’ll find, when you press on your accelerator – you will feel the difference immediately.

Increased Acceleration

Basically, with a Sprint Booster V3, the time it takes your accelerator pedal to go from idle-to-full-throttle is much faster than your car’s factory configuration.

Once you have the Sprint Booster installed, you will feel as though your car has more power than it really does. This is very noticeable in the low to mid rpm range where most cars spend their time on the street. With a Sprint Booster you will have the ability to Override the ECM drive-by-wire and replace it with crisp, on-tap acceleration whenever you need it. No more delayed response. No more sluggish acceleration. You get the immediate feeling of POWER!

Installation – Plug-n-Play

 The design of the Sprint Booster V3 allows for its easy plug-n-play installation in your Porsche without the need to cut any wires. And it will not interfere with your Porsches electronic throttle modules (electronic injection, ABS, etc.) or other power performance modifications you may have made to your car. You can install the Sprint Booster quickly and you can easily and get an instant "power boost" to your pedal - for instant Results!   

 Sprint Booster – Features

  •  Acceleration Modes 3 (Off, Sport & Racing)
  • Acceleration Programs 36 (18 Manual & 18 Automatic Transmissions). 
  • Pedal Lock Mode. 
  • Valet Mode. 
  • Ultra-Compact Size / New Design. 
  • Easy & Quick Plug & Play Installation.

 Instant Results – Guaranteed.

The moment you plug in your Sprint Booster Acceleration Module, you'll experience an Improvement and responsiveness to the touch of your accelerator.

  • Response - at low revs, the engine responds in approximately half the time that it did before.
  • Time delay is almost zero when accelerating in 3rd & 4th gear and when the engine is mid-range.
  • Big differences in the higher rev range.
  • A noticeably improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking, resulting in safer passing.


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